The Lowdown on CBD Oil and Its Health Supporting Qualities

You may have heard plenty about cannabis derived products and then again you might not have, but one thing is for sure, that there is a good deal of false information in circulation about what CBD oil is and what it does when ingested. With this in mind, we simply had to set the record straight and definitively state how what’s known as ‘cannabinoids’ can help promote health and body function.

So, come with us now and we’ll take you through the facts.

 In the following article, you’re going to find out:

  • How products derived from Cannabis Sativa have been used for centuries
  • About the endocannabinoid system and what it does for the human body
  • How CBD Oil is extracted
  • How CBD products are completely safe and are now legally available for purchase in the UK

We’re going to be debunking certain popular misconceptions about what purpose cannabinoids fulfill in the body and by the end, we hope you’ll see that there really is nothing to stop you enjoying the support that CBD provides.

So, without any more delay, let’s get to it. 

The History of CBD, Cannabis & Hemp

Far from being a new phenomenon, Cannabis Sativa has been used for nutrition and for medicinal purposes since the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs and there has even been evidence of its use by early man. The plant itself has an extraordinarily wide range of uses, which goes a long way to explaining why it has been used for so long and by so many.

Cultures from all around the world have recognized this fact and there are examples of its use by Vikings and even Romans for clothes, textiles and in the creation of ropes for ship rigging. There are even records of the people of Arabia using hemp to create an early form of paper.

It’s true to say that Cannabis Sativa is something of a ‘swiss army knife’ when it comes to its wide range of uses. CBD Oil is just one of the many natural, herbal products that have been created over the years to promote health in a variety of ways. 


What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Plant. Essentially, cannabinoids are compounds that are found in the resin produced naturally by the Cannabis plant. The CBD Oil is derived from processing and pressing various elements of the Cannabis plant. The extraction process takes the plant in its natural ‘leafy’ form and condenses all the goodness into the oil we know and love. The gentler the processing, the more of the cannabinoids that are retained within the oil.

Whilst there are many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, CBD has attracted most of the headlines due to its potentially numerous healing properties and its ability to interact with various receptors in the human body. All this while causing no ‘high’ feeling as the CBD contains none of the psychoactive effects usually associated with Cannabis. The absence of THC in CBD products is why it is legal in most countries.



The mechanism within the body that uses Cannabinoids is known as the ‘endo-cannabinoid system’ which is something that every vertebrate animal has, including us. Endo-cannabinoids are the result of this system in action and when they’re produced by the body, they occur in very, very small quantities.



CBD Oil contains what’s known as Phyto cannabinoids, something that can be harvested from the Cannabis Sativa plant. These enzymes interact with the endo-cannabinoid system (ECS) in much the same way as natural endo-cannabinoids do but are present in much greater quantities. The regular consumption of cannabinoids in this form can give your body’s many functions a helping hand, leading to improved overall health.


CBD Receptors 

Within the ECS, the cannabinoids interact with receptors, of which there are two types. There are CB1 receptors which reside primarily in the brain and central nervous system and there are CB2 receptors, which are scattered around the body and perform an important role in the immune system. The full extent of what can be controlled using the ECS is not officially known, but it is believed that every part of the body is affected in some way.



CBD Oil is not going to induce any kind of high, however some users have reported a feeling of calmness after ingestion. The reason why no psychoactive effects are produced from Cannabidiol is because it contains none of the mind-altering Tetrahydrocannabinol, something you may or may not know better as THC.

It’s important to know that there are a number of different types of products that can be created from the cannabis plant. It’s important because you need to know the difference when making your purchase, so that you don’t end up with something either unsuitable or just plain illegal.


What is the difference between CBD oil, Hemp oil and THC oil? 

Hemp Oil iscreated from cannabis seedsbut is usually only produced from industrial grade hemp. It contains none of the cannabinoids we’ve spoken about, but is quite useful as a cooking aid, due to its nutritional value. Hemp oil is rich in omega oils, which are helpful to brain function and saturated fats, leading to its widespread use in the production of moisturizing lotions and creams. There are trace elements of THC in hemp oil, but the quantities are so small that no ‘high’ results.

Cannabis Oil is another derivative that you’ll find, and it is created in the same way as Hemp Oil, but it is produced from the plant fibers, rather than from the seeds. Again, this oil is not something that will induce any kind of psychoactive effect.

THC Oil are other varieties of produce that you may come across, but it’s unlikely that it will be from an official or legal source. The reason being that both types contain high levels of THC, which will produce a high when consumed and are not available legally in the UK.


The Natural Cultivation, Harvest and Extraction process 

At Nature’s Blends, we know that our CBD Oil is all natural and of the highest quality, this is because we are involved every step of the way, the entire supply chain can be traced, we ensure top quality from seed to seal. The CBD oil is sourced from a small family run farm who are passionate about CBD and have been growing the Cannabis plant for decades employing completely traditional methods. Set in natural habitat in Central Europe, deep in the country side and far from pollutants, the Cannabis crops are grown using traditional methods, every detail is considered, from the selection of EU certified Cannabis Seeds, the fertile soil to the natural water source and most importantly the extraction method. All this whilst caring for the environment. 

Using age old harvest methods, each plant is meticulously and carefully selected and then picked by hand, the flower is then separated from the stalk. The flowers are then left to dry naturally before being moved to the extraction plant. This entire process, whilst time consuming and laborious, ensures all the nutrients and CBD rich cannabinoids are retained.

One of the reasons why it is so rich in the active enzymes, is the way that the oil is extracted from the plant itself. An extremely powerful, yet gentle CO2 extraction process is carried out at a state of the art extraction facility in the heart of Europe. This natural process is used to create only the purest CBD oil, as nothing is lost in its removal from its most natural state.


Consumer Safety

The carefully selected hemp used to create the CBD Oil we supply is of the highest quality, as no artificial pesticides or any other toxins are used in its production. At Nature’s Blends, we take customer safety extremely seriously, which is why we have partnered with with the leading names in this industry as they employ third party laboratory services for external verification of the safety and purity of the oil they produce.

This comprehensive method of production ensures a consistently stable product that meets our very high standards is assured due to the painstakingly thorough process involved, something that is backed up by the fact that all of our products pass all GMP criteria, which is the international food production standard.

We are registered with the Cannabis Trade Association who are authorised and regulated by both the Home Office and the MHRA.


Pharmaceutical-grade Testing

All our products undergo rigorous testing in independently approved laboratories to ensure the product is potent, safe to use, free form contaminants and full of terpenes and other natural nutrients.

Quality control is at the heart of what we do, from plantation to harvest, extraction, testing and bottling at a state of the art manufacturing facility, we ensure each step of the way is carefully controlled and inspected in order to achieve a consistently high-end CBD product.


Batch Traceability

Every product we supply is fully traceable and has a batch number assigned to it, this means we can identify the exact origin of the product and easily communicate any issues with the manufacturer.  

By sticking to reputable suppliers like us, you won’t open yourself up to the risk of buying the wrong thing and receiving something that you weren’t bargaining for. 


Why Should I Include CBD Supplements in My Daily Routine?

Now that you’ve heard the facts about what CBD products are and how safe they are when purchased from a reputable source, you might still be considering whether to try it for yourself or not. This section is dedicated to the potential benefits to health that can be enjoyed from its regular consumption.

We are obligated under UK law as a provider of supplements to state that none of the products we supply are intended to replace any kind of medical treatment and that there is official medical accreditation to any claims made about the benefits involved in consuming CBD products.

What we can tell you about however, are something of the things our customers tell us about things they have experienced since including it in their daily diet.


It’s certainly worth reiterating that these are the opinions of customers we surveyed and not part of any official medical findings.



In the absence of medical research to back up everything we mentioned here, we understand that you’re having to take us at our word, but there is compelling (if not officially recognized) evidence that including CBD supplements in your diet can help you achieve a better functioning and more balanced body.


You really have nothing to lose from trying out this wonderful, high quality natural supplement for yourself and experience the benefits for yourself. What’s more, you’re not just limited to oil, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like the taste of oil, we even have CBD available in paste, vape and balm form.


As a society, we are as medicated as we ever have been and we think it’s time for more people to begin looking towards a more natural way of living that moves us away from needing to use harsh pharmaceuticals to tackle issues that probably wouldn’t even occur if our bodies were more balanced and healthier.


Join the 250,000 people in the United Kingdom already using CBD Oil products to promote health and see for yourself first hand. It’s the only true way to see that everything we’ve talked about today is much more than just words.

We look forward to helping to take the first step to achieving what everyone wants, a more balanced and healthier body.